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Published: 23rd October 2006
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From ancient times, Rome has been one of the first-rate world trade centers. Probably that is because the Italians are characterized by their ability to create masterpieces, even when it comes to trade. However, Rome is an expensive city to live at and most of the goods there are of high price, but at the same time, of better quality.
So, what can you buy here? Most attractive goods are women and men clothes and shoes, various leather articles, including shoes and bags. Designer clothes are rather expensive - however, cheaper than in other countries. Different interior articles, traditional and contemporary ceramic works and hand-made knick-knacks are popular among buyers as well.
Department stores (Grandi magazzini) are among the most visited shopping places in Rome. Most famous store chains here are: La Standa, Upini, Coin and La Rinascenta (that, in fact, can be found in any large Italian city). La Rinascenta is the most expensive among them, while La Standa is the cheapest. The quality of goods here is high - however, it is more profitable to do shopping at smaller private shops where prices are lower.
One of the two Roman trade centers - Cinecitta1 Due Centro Commercia - was build in 1988 and comprises about a hundred shops as well as bars, banks and restaurants. It is easy to reach by metro (line A, Cinecitta station).
Of course, Rome is not the Italian shopping centre, but this is even more convenient for the shoppers, who can relax and have a quiet stroll along the shopping places. The signboard on all the streets will be alike: you will definitely see Furla bags and Expensive!, Benetton and Sisley dresses.
The central shopping street in Rome is Via del Corso, which goes north-west and is full of shops. On the right (forward the Venice square) you will see streets that made Rome famous as one of the fashion capitals. Here expensive boutique shops adjoin less expensive ones that also sell high-quality goods. You can also try to make a bargain. As for the prĂȘt-a-porte shops, those can be found at the streets that go athwart from Via del Corso to the Spanish square.
Among the trading attractions of Rome there are two districts with lowest prices in the city that are definitely worth visiting. The first one is not far from the Termini railway station. Be careful in the evening, though, as this place is often visited by the beggars. At the same time, thanks to its convenient location not far from the station, the rent here is low and, therefore, the prices are low as well. Moreover, a large trade centre was built here, which works from morning till late in the evening. The second place is a lot more picturesque - this is the famous Mercato delle Puici market, which is not far from Porta Portese square. If you have enough patience, you can find almost anything for a most reasonable price here. But mind that the market works only on Sundays from early morning till 13.00.
If you are a thrifty buyer, you should look for discounts. For instance, sales last January 15 till the first week of March and from July 16 till the middle of September, when famous modelers lower prices for their clothes. To find 20-30 % discounts during other periods of time, look for "sconti" signboards. However, the Romans prefer to buy cheaper goods at the districts that are far from the city centre, where the quality is good and the prices are lower.
Shops are usually opened 9 am - 1 pm and 3.30 pm - 7.30 pm, though working hours might be different in central shops. At the doors of a 24-hour shop you will see a special signboard "Orario continuato".
In summer life in Rome becomes less intense and many shops close two weeks before and after August 15th, when Ferragosto holiday is celebrated. Most of the shops are also closed on Sundays.
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